29 March 2011

Coffee Cup Browsing

Planned Parenthood and the Jesuit Tradition:  SeattleU in bed with abortionists

The Courtyard of the Gentiles:  BXVI's outreach to non-believers.  This would be a great job for Dominicans.

The anti-Christian left has picked the wrong enemy.  This reminds me of a quote I read recently, spoken to a leftist protester:  "If [Christians, Republicans, Tea Partiers, etc.] are Nazis, why aren't you a lampshape?"  (Source unknown)

Uproar in New Orleans over corporeal punishment in a local Catholic school.  The archbishop is against it; the parents are for it. 

Newt worries that the U.S. could become an "atheist nation dominated by radical Islam."  Well, one problem:  Muslims aren't atheists.  The more likely scenario (though still improbable) is that the cultural Marxists of the Nanny State will assist radical Muslims to become the newest class of especially-protected victims. 

From Chris Johnson at MCJ:  "Do not judge a religion based on what it says when it is in the minority.  Judge it by what it does when it can do anything it wants to."  Good advice.

"Ya wore da hat!"  The biretta is making a comeback. . .I don't think religious priests wear birettas.  Too worldly (ducks and runs).

Modernist "art" opened the door to the divine for this atheist.  I'm a fan of modernist art in general, especially abstract expressionism.  But the "Shock and Sacrilege" school of postmodern art is just dumb.

St. Gregory of Nyssa: “Ideas lead to idols; only wonder leads to knowing.” The Anchoress reflects on faith and reason.

Heh.  I was thinking of a manati in Belgium with an imbe.

This is how creative writers fail their classes.  NB. the essays on the Stations of the Cross and Walt Whitman.  Hilarious!

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  1. If you were thinking of Belgium, you made a mistake in your math!

  2. Religious priests of the mediaeval orders don't wear a biretta because their habits have a cowl. It's not that the biretta is too worldly (far from it!) but that it's just too newfangled.

    Religious prelates however still wear their various hats, though not always with their habits.

  3. "Domestic partners" and the Jesuit Tradition: MarquetteU.

    I think we ought to bring back the word "concubinage" to describe this. A nasty-sounding word for a nasty practice that has ripped society to shreds.

  4. Dominic, no surprise there.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. The lampshade quote is from Kathy Shadle of Five Feet of Fury - which use to be named "Relapsed Catholic", the first Catholic blog.

    As for the Newt quote, and I am not really a Newt fan, I believe he was saying that Radical Islam would dominate a country of atheists, not that Islam is atheism. This though does not seem a likely scenario for me, more that Islam will become even more of a protected class and win influence that way.

  7. Am I the only one who thought of an impala in Dubai with an apple? :-P

  8. Anonymous9:30 PM

    Humm, yes.
    I'd heard that Christianity is divided into five parts: Catholicism, Orthodoxy, Anglicanism, Protestantism, and Jesuits.

  9. Lisa, quite possibly - but Dubai is a city, not a country. Someone familiar with Africa may have thought of Djibouti though.