20 March 2011

Coffee Cup Browsing (Link Fixed)

B.O. has not only adopted and expanded most of W.'s anti-terror policies. . .now he's adopted his speeches as well.

Ironies just keep on piling up. . .B.O. bombs Libya on the eighth anniversary of W. bombing Iraq.

Time to lower the legal drinking age.  Vote, die in war, get married/make babies, enter binding contracts, borrow money; buy tobacco, a house, a car, a gun. . .but somehow beer is off limits.  

Interview with Andrew Breitbart. . .His mission?  "To expose the counternarrative that has been hidden by those controlling the reins of popular culture."  More power to him!

Jets over Libya as H. Clinton Assumes Presidency

I saw Battle:  Los AngelesPerfect redneck movie.  Aliens?  Check.  Explosions?  Check.  Exploding aliens?  Check!  Go see it. . .if for no other reason than that the lefty critics hate it.

Raising expectations to keep things in perspective. . .

(Link fixed) This is why I didn't that Zombie machete gun I wanted for Christmas!   @#$% illegal aliens.

Bottle water. . .tears of the damned


  1. Fr. Philip -- just so you know, you put the same link for "raising expectations" and for the "Zombie machete gun." Since I am really curious as to why you didn't get the gun for Christmas, I was hoping that maybe you could fix the link. ;-)

  2. HA! Ok. . .I'll see if I can find the pic again.