16 December 2010

Updates, etc.

Many thanks for the prayers for my father.  He will likely have surgery before Christmas.  Nothing life-threatening.  Please, keep storming heaven anyway!

Add my maternal grandfather, Clyde, to your prayer list.  He was born the year the Titanic sunk.  Over the weekend, he suffered a mild heart attack.  I will see him and my grandmother for the first time in about five years over Christmas.

I leave for the U.S. on Saturday (18th).  Long Christmas vacation in MS before heading south to LA to be a parish priest for the first time in my life. Pray that the rioting students and strikers stay home.

Several HancAquam readers have asked me what I need for Christmas.  Honestly, nothing. . .other than the prayers requested above.  If you are so moved to send me something more material, the Wish List is always full.  :-)

I've embarked on a serious attempt to trim down.  At 46 and 320lbs., I am WAY too fat.  Being in the U.S. will only make this untenable situation worse.  No tricks, gimmicks, etc.  Just plain ole calorie counting and increased exercise.

There will be one more homily post before I leave Rome.  I have the English Mass in the morning.  After this, no more homilies 'til things get started in LA in mid-Jan 2011.  Internet access in MS is very limited, so comments, emails, etc. will be received but probably not answered for at least a month.  

As always, I appreciate my readers and pray for you everyday at Mass! 

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  1. . . . and we pray for you, your ministry and your family. I will also be counting calories and attempting to have more exercise, so I will be thinking about you!
    God bless 0:¬}

  2. Anonymous1:27 PM

    there is a very simple way to lose weight: allow at least 5 hrs between the three (and not more) meals, and NO (!!!) carbohydrates for dinner. Instead lots of protein. Carbohydrates are allowed especially for beakfast. Lunch should be mixed. It works - I tried it
    I hope you believe a lay dominican

  3. GirlCanChant5:58 PM

    I will definitely keep your father and grandfather in my prayers. Enjoy your break!

    Long Christmas vacation in MS before heading south to LA to be a parish priest for the first time in my life.

    Yep, sounds like you'll definitely be needing prayers! Best of luck in your new assignment. :-)

  4. Gregg the Obscure11:14 AM

    I'm a few weeks older than you, Fr. Philip Neri, with my 47th b-day coming up during the octave of Christmas. I started the year in the 270s and I've lost about 30 pounds this year. You can do that too, if not better. We need you around, so it's important that you address your health.

  5. Count calories for sure. Eat nutritious foods. Have mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks like fruit or granola. No junk food. Stay in it for the long haul. You WILL feel better in due time. Exercise moderately, you don't have to make the Olympic team.