23 November 2010

Coffee Bowl Browsing

WOW. . .apparently, North Korea has lost its mind.

More on the amateurism of our current Betters:  rep from the Taliban in peace talks is an impostor.

This sounds like a good idea. . .frankly, anything that curbs the power of D.C. seems good right now.

"Catholics" in Belgium become Protestants while pretending to still be Catholics.  Only the NYT would think that this sort of thing is new. 

Anti-bullying law for NJ.  When responsible parenting fails, Nanny is always ready and willing to step in. 

Canonist Ed Peters is just a little bit peeved with L'Observatore over its premature publication of the Holy Father's comments on condom use.  Let the purge begin!

Upon hearing a weird combo of words, I always say, "That sounds like the name of a new band."

Um, no thanks. . .I'll wait for the next rest area.

When computer geeks get in trouble at school.

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  1. Anonymous7:16 AM

    WOW. . .apparently, North Korea has lost its mind.

    An evil act to be sure, but channelling my pre-conversion Machiavellian, he'd say this is a pretty savvy move on N. Korea's part. Europe and America are already war-weary with Afghanistan and Iraq. China talks about concern, but really seems ambivalent. And America is led weakling of a President with an incoming hostile congress and populace. N. Korea is betting the response will never be more than a bunch of hot air. It's a good bet.

  2. North Korea has nothing to lose, everything to gain. Romishgraffiti accurately cites proof to that effect. For some reason I'm reminded of pre WWII hostilities by Hitler and Chamberlain's "peace in our time" speech.

  3. "This seems like a good idea"...

    Nullification Crisis: Reloaded? Not such a good idea.

  4. C.L., I don't think this amendment would start a nullification crisis. Nullification is all about an individual state voiding a federal law. This amendment would require 2/3 of the state to void a law. An excellent check on federal power-grabbing.