02 October 2010

Tea Mug Browsing

The Senate couldn't pass a budget before it adjourned. . .but it found the time and the votes to pass another Nanny Law.

Is the current state of European society and politics the future of America?  I don't think so.  Europeans have a much more optimistic view of gov't than we do.  They see gov't power as something to be used for the common good.  Generally, Americans see gov't as a necessary evil. . .and act accordingly.

Does poverty cause terrorism?  No.  Extremist, irrational ideology causes terrorism.

Andrew Breitbart asks O'Keefe for an explanation of CNN "prank."  Yea, good idea.

Computer virus attacking Iran's industrial base contains Jewish/Biblical references?  Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch.

WOW!  Just. . .wow.  While the Tea Party is being vilified for its angry rhetoric and falsely accused of political violence, the eliminativists of the Eco-fascism movement are threatening to kill your kids if you don't Go Green"With No Pressure, the environmental movement has revealed the snarling, wicked, homicidal misanthropy beneath its cloak of gentle, bunny-hugging righteousness."   Um, isn't this sort of like members of a certain religion who murder those who refuse to convert?  Expect total silence from the MSM. 

Oh, the irony!  The soldiers defending the Union are coming more and more from the South.  The east and west coast are vastly underrepresented in today's all-volunteer military.  So, while the libs from the coasts are screaming about their rights and entitlements, its the Good Ole Boys and Gals (by and large) who are actually manning up and making sure those rights are protected.

Shame, shame. . .Dem senator Babs Boxer fails to pay the day laborers she hired to hold signs outside a debate with her GOP opponent. 

Fr. Robert Barron on "Dumbed Down Catholicism."  Dumbing down the faith is worse than outright lying about what the Church teaches.  Lies can be detected as such and rejected.  Dumbed down teaching allows falsehood to sneak in and soothe the anxious conscience.  Half-truths are just stealthier lies.

Three words you never expected to see in combination:  Geriatric. Segeway. Crusader

Me too!   "Sometimes I'll look down at my watch three times and still not remember what time it is."

The Corporate B.S. Generator. . .this also works for internal committees set up by religious orders and bishops' conferences.

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  1. Anonymous2:15 PM

    Fr. P,

    The last time that human rights in America were threatened by a foreign power was in WWII. Ever since then the military is merely part of a welfare complex in alliance with governmental and financial powers.

    Never mind the erosion of human rights perpetrated by these same NATIONAL powers since 1973.

  2. Augustine, you really know how to piss a person off.