22 October 2010

Coffee Bowl Browsing

Former NPR news analysis, Juan Williams comments on his firing. But don't worry about Juan; he ain't hurtin'.  Oh, and it's OK to fire Juan b/c he was a "lawn jockey" for FOXNews. Oh, and there's a move afoot to defund NPR.  'Bout time too.

So, if Juan gets fired for speaking his mind as a news analysis, why didn't NPR fire Nina Totenberg for saying that God's justice could mean that Jesse Helms will get AIDS.

Wow. . .great political ad.  A Chinese professor lectures on the fall of great empires, including the USA.

League of Women Voters debate moderator upset that the audience "forced" her to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.  Very telling.

Greed eyed monster:  more reasons for women not to take The Pill.

New seminary for the Archdiocese of Washington!  Hey, I wonder if they could use a slightly used but still energetic English/philosophy/theology professor. . .hmmmmmm?

The "Muslim Dances on High Altar" vid has been making the rounds of late.  No doubt:  dancing on an altar is not something we can dismiss as a prank; however, it appears that the man is mentally unstable.  If so, then he can't properly be called a blasphemer. 

WaPo story confirms that Eric Holder's DoJ is refusing to pursue voting rights violations committed against white voters.  So much for a "post-racial" administration.

Some advice for those thinking about a graduate degree in theology.  Best advice:  don't let the shininess of a faculty star lure you into a blackhole.  Better advice.

Cute vid. . .caution:  likely to cause diabetes.

Movie cliches. . .yup, that's about right.

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  1. Anonymous10:33 AM

    It was one year ago today (10/23/09) that LIFE-SITE NEWS broke open the story about Sinsinawa Dominican Sister Donna Quinn's supportive presence at an Illinois abortuary. Her Reverend Mother at first defended Quinn's actions, then, probably only after realizing how public the situation was becoming, thought better of it and admonished Quinn. Three bishops promised to "do something." The Bishop of Joliet has found the time to close two historical and much-needed Catholic schools since then (read MEITLER), but one wonders what resolution these three bishops have put into place regarding Sister Quinn. After all, it's been a year and great scandal has occurred. What gives? Any comment?

  2. I loved the posts about graduate degrees in theology! I have one, but cost and location were factors that limited my options. Many of my professors of theology studied under great theologians, so some of that filtered down---I think. Some of my courses were at the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology. I even had a professor who is now at the Angelicum in Rome.

    Fr. Powell, could you do a post about the "Pass the Cornbread" art. Who is represented? Dominican saints and blesseds? Who is the artist?

  3. Anon., I have no idea whether or not Quinn was ever held accountable for her scandalous behavior. I seriously doubt it. The OP sisters are not under the direct supervision of the Master of the Order and there's not much a bishop can do other than refuse to give her permission to work in his diocese. The chances that her own congregation will "do anything" are somewhere below zero.

  4. Anonymous4:48 AM

    The Dominican Order might not be able to "do anything" about Donna Aquinn offically, but my experience is that womens' religious life has pretty much been run by mob rule/peer pressure since about 1967. Have there been any organized grass roots initiatives from Dominican priests pressuring the Sinsinawa Reverend Mother to make amends for the damage done to the Order's name and reputation through Donna Quinn? The right to one's good name is one of the first principles of social justice; that ought to grab their attention. In the meantime, since the scandal component of this ordeal is so public, a compassionate private admonishment won't be enough to set straight the Church's thinking on this.

  5. I've frequently thought of pursuing a graduate degree in theology, but aside from money to pay for the classes it's virtually impossible to find a graduate program that's both remotely close and remotely orthodox. Moving my whole family just to pursue a graduate degree in an area that isn't exactly bristling with jobs doesn't seem particularly wise either. Maybe one of these degree-by-mail places... Hmmm....

  6. Anonymous11:19 AM

    My own guess would be that Donna Quinn will be the next Reverend Mother (or CEO or whatever they call it now) at Sinsinawa.

  7. Anon @ 11.19am...

    I used to introduce an OP sister/professor of mine as "the ex-Queen of the Adrians."

    Fortunately, she was good-humored enough to forgive me.