17 September 2010

Tea Mug Browsing

Yawn.  Assorted child rape advocates, atheists, pro-abortionists, and science worshipers sign a letter protesting the Holy Father's visit to the U.K.   Folks, he's here.  Get it over it.

Fr. Z. has done his homework:  the nefarious associations of the letter signers.  Sorry.  But when a man who advocates lowering the age for sexual consent to 14 tells me that the Church is evil for covering up the sexual abuse of minors, I get this strange sense of incredulity.  Hypocrite, anyone?

His Hermeneuticalness provides a few random links on the BXVI visit to the U.K.

A down and dirty media guide for covering the Pope's U.K. visit. 

Apparently, our First Whiner doesn't like her job.  No worries, M.O.  You won't have the job much longer.  The White House denies that M.O. hates her job.  Doesn't really matter.

French prez is upset with the E.U. for trying to interfere with his gov't immigration policies.  Note to Sarkozy:  if you hire a nanny to raise your kids, don't be surprised when she tries to interfere in family business.  The only solution?  Fire her.

No More Control.  "Political control is what’s killing us.  It is expressed in hundreds of ways: high tax rates with carefully tailored exceptions, massive bailouts, laws rigged to favor government-controlled industries, restrictions on resource development, and a vast poppy field of subsidies and penalties.  The Democrats have added thousands of pages of fabulously expensive legislation since Obama took office.  Two messages echo through those pages: Obey and be rewarded.  Resist and be punished." 

A most excellent idea!  Give states the power to repeal Congressional legislation. 

Good article on the Nashville Dominican Sisters

Sometimes it's better not to microwave your pet hamster.

Tech support for upgrading to Husband 1.0.

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