15 April 2010

Coffee Bowl Browsing

And yet another reason for the U.S. to either ignore the U.N. entirely or withdraw:  proposal to institute "eco-thought crimes."

Sensible suggestions for dealing with Tea Party crashers.  The idea of crashing a Tea Party is to provoke Partiers into angry/violent reactions that get caught on video and provide "evidence" to the MSM that their stereotypes are true.  Since it is clear that crashers are not interested in reasoned political discourse, rhe absolute best way to deal with them is quick exposure and ridicule.

Another tactic that Partiers ought to adopt: proudly embrace the "Tea Bagger" slur as your own.  It worked for the gay rights movement.  Yes, I know what "tag bagging" is. . .but English is a nearly infinitely malleable language.  It will contain the multitudes.  (NB.  Ten brownie pts to anyone who can identify the allusion in the last sentence.)

I am quite proud of the fact that lawyers in my home state of Mississippi are attacking ObamaCare with a novel legal theory:  individual mandates violate privacy rights.

A reasonable clarification from the Vatican on Crdl. Bertone's controversial remarks.

Diogenes asks:  "Now, did you ever wonder why so many Irish bishops were forced to resign within weeks of the Irish report on sex abuse while no US prelate resigned after the release of the John Jay Report?"

Great Moments in Alternative American History:  the battle G. Washington never fought. 

This pic thawed my normally icy heart.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. . .

Beautiful butterfly sculptures made from beer cans.

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  1. LudiDomestici5:35 AM


  2. Oh Ludi, now you're relying on that drunk bigot, Chris Hitchens for your opinions. Andrew Sullivan, now Hitchens. Can we soon expect a link to Jack Chick's website or maybe the Masons?

  3. Walt Whitman, "Song of Myself."

  4. "I contain miltitudes" is from Walt Whitman's 'Song of Myself.". -*UD Lit BA forever*

    Prayers for you and the friars,

  5. Commenting here, bc I don't know your email.

    Fr. P,

    Have thought of, or could you at some point start podcasts of your homilies. I love the passion and pace of your preaching. I know you put them up here in text,but what is somehow easy to understand spoken I find very weighty and thick and difficult to read.

    I'm pretty sure I'm not just being lazy. Perhaps it's because I've gotten used to podcasts and audiobooks because my iPhone, because I am a visual-auditory learner.

    PS. About my lib pastor: St. Francis told me," blessed are the hands that hold the blood of Christ, so I have not confronted him. Also, I haven't had an opportunity to meet with him privately.

    I'm going to try and see the other Fr. for conf, but if my pastor is political again I will say something right away in the confessional.

  6. TP,

    I stopped podcasting b/c the site I used wasn't working properly with my blog. The Texas homilies seemed to be working, but the Roman links weren't. I will try again next Tues when I preach.

  7. Reverend Doctor Powell:

    Any thoughts on Hans Kung
    "Julius Caesaring" our dear pontiff
    and Holy Father: Benedict?

    Michael Ramirez's cartoon was spot
    on! In these sober, brow-lowering
    times, it's nice to be uplifted
    with the "momma and her pups" photo.

    Unfortunately, we are children of
    this decadent age. Movie-makers;
    television producers-and-directors;
    book-and-magazine publishers; internet content providers, etc.,
    have provided a milieu where the
    "sexual revolution" propelled itself into the very depths of our
    souls. No one has gone untouched or
    unscathed. It is time for us to call upon the HOLY SPIRIT to help
    excise this inexorable
    detriment to righteousness and holiness-

    MISSING IN ACTION: "Backbones"
    for waffling presbyters who were
    enablers in this current crisis...

    Art Uvaas
    Ontario, California

  8. LudiDomestici4:36 PM

    Ah. When the message hits too close to home, spear the messenger.

    One of the oldest dodges in the book.

    Kinda lame though...

  9. Ludi,

    A dodge? Perhaps. But not a bad idea when the poisoned spears are being thrown by a pickled pervert with a posh accent and a paranoid S&M fetishist.

  10. Art,

    Of course, I don't know Kung as a person...just as a public figure. As such, he's a fossil. His star faded long ago. Very few in the theological world take him seriously. As Fr. Z. says about his latest circus act to skewer the Holy Father, he "clawing his way back in the limelight" for another pathetic fifteen seconds.

  11. Anonymous7:27 AM

    Ross Douthat responds: http://douthat.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/04/14/correcting-christopher-hitchens/

    and here: http://douthat.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/04/14/correcting-christopher-hitchens-ii/

    "So, to sum up, Hitchens’ gravest charge against the pope — and the basis, I assume, for his preposterous plan to arrest the pontiff during Benedict’s upcoming trip to Britain — is a tissue of misrepresentations from beginning to end. Which is not surprising in the least."

    Because we all know the way to save children is to lie about the Pope.