05 September 2009

The Return of Coffee Cup Browsing!

Having completed the Rite of Decaffeinated Exorcism, we now return to the holy pursuit of Coffee Cup Browsing!

Changes in the Roman Missal. . .most look fine to me. (thanks br. George!)

Nauseating: "I pledge to be a servant to our President!"

Fortunately, folks are waking up to what most of us have known all along: B.O. is just another politician.

Playing for keeps among the U.S. bishops; Bishop Martino "resigns"(?)

Gaia worship in a Catholic elementary school

Just after the "reform of the reform," this is our Holy Father's most important initiative

"Reform of the reform" thwarts liturgical protests at Mass

Catholics, community organizing, and playing with the Devil

Pro-wrestling + wildlife conservation = Pandemonium!

I'm going to show Mama Becky these pics next time she tells me I'm messy

A huge list of common misconceptions about just about everything

Scriptural evidence for the Catholic faith

Your one-stop spot for all things about St Catherine of Siena

Hilarious accident reports

What does your name mean in "Monster-ese"?


  1. Regarding the new Mass translation, I humbly submit my upcoming book, Praying the Mass: The Prayers of the People. It should be in print by the end of the week.

    And another great site for Scriptural support for the Catholic faith is John Salza's scripturecatholic.com.

  2. Holy Batsnot Father.

    did you see all those whataburger cups??? and the cigaretts?? and let's not even discuss the bathroom okay?

    whoa. I may puke.

    ps did you get the video I sent about the WORST "worship" ever??

  3. Re: St Catherine of Siena -- may I also suggest Sigrid Undset's excellent biography? It had been out of print, but Ignatius Press will be releasing a new edition soon.

    Re: B.O. is just another politician -- Peg Noonan's recent op-eds have been spot-on. She is a good example of the disillusionment of Catholics that were bewitched by pseudo-Change and pseudo-Hope during the campaign and are now seeing B.O. for what he really is.

  4. Father, re the new translation of the Roman Missal: will we also be getting an improved Lectionary?

    And do you know if there are any plans afoot to make sorely needed improvements to the English translation of the Breviary?

  5. Anita,

    Don't hold your breath waiting for an improved lectionary. The bishops hold the copyright to the NAB and that means revenue.

    RE: the breviary? Again, no movement here. The OP's are working on a new translation of the psalms for our breviary, but, as one might guess, things are gummed up by arguments over inclusive language. If the proponents of this win the day, we will have to do another one after they have gone to their reward.