10 December 2009

Coffee Bowl Browsing (Video Edition)

I'm working on getting the Holy Father to decree infallibly the following:  "I solemnly declare, and all Catholics must faithfully hold to be true, that any phrase which contains a noun, singular or collective, and is followed by the word 'Monkey' is hilarious."  One example, "Trunk Monkey."

Another hilarious commercial. . .he must not be reading the NYT.

A lesson for Catholics on the dangers of making hasty judgments.

New from Bombay Electronics. . .The Arranged Marriage Remote Controller!

B.O.'s new Defense Department strategy:  Eco-friendly Warrior Monks. . .with flowers.

Mini black hole?  New Santa Claus tech?  Angels dancing?  Alien warning?  You decide.

QUICK!  Get an abortion before that thing turns into a baby!

Politically Correct medicine:  "cancer" is now called "happy spots"

After this someone needs to be on his knees thanking Jesus. . .

Don't be fooled!  They use this nefarious gift to get food, clothing, and a college education.

This is what philosophy does to me. . .except the whole feel good part.


  1. Cute commercials, but was a little distracted by the "Life is short, have an affair" commercial before the commercials. Some things we can laugh at, but some things are just too serious to ignore. Where are we going as a society?

  2. Flambeaux8:01 AM

    The same place we've always been going, Deactobe.

    We haven't changed, not since the Expulsion from Paradise.

    Nihil novum sub sole.

    But Christ is Risen, so there is no reason to fret. Post-Enlightenment Western Civ is going the way of all flesh. And that isn't a bad thing.