15 August 2009

On hooligans and cookies

Had a great time last night with MightyMom, Subvet, and the Hooligans--who were not all THAT hooliganish. . .exceedingly cute but not too hooliganish! I am still going to argue that two year olds are capable of absorbing sufficient nutrition through the skin while eating. That's the only explanation for why the Littlest Hooligan is still alive and thriving.

BTW, Subvet, just to let you know. . .most of the cookies made it back to the priory. . .most, well, OK. . .half. :-)


  1. they were on their best behavior for you!! And I can't believe I didn't take a single picture while you were here arrrgghhh!!

    as for the cookies, well, it was a long drive home....we should have given you a thermos of milk for the trip huh?

    we had a great time Fr., and hope to repeat it next time you're in town.

  2. Mom, that's odd...'cause normally I provoke kids into fits of screaming and throwing things! ;-)

    I look forward to returning! If possible, I will bring some bread pudding next time.