01 August 2009

No Class

A picture is worth a thousand words. . .or a couple of dropped points in the polls.

H/T: American Thinker


  1. How wise of our president to give the photo opportunity to the policeman to give the professor a helping hand. All is forgiven; let's move on.
    P.S. What's the emoticon for tongue in cheek?

  2. Sorry, Father, I don't quite get it -- is it because POTUS isn't wearing a jacket, or he's walking ahead of the other two men, or ??? I'm not an Obama fan, BTW. This is an honest question. Thanks.

  3. Anonymous10:38 AM

    He's chasing away the rabid flesh-eating bunnies so that his guests won't get eaten! I think it's really brave.

  4. The Evil Racist Cop is helping his disabled victim down the stair while Dear Leader strides ahead of them both.

  5. Anonymous9:36 PM

    Who knows what the context is?

    Maybe he had people beckoning to him for questions and he knew the situation was taken care of.

    Your Obama bashing gets a bit out of hand.

    Bush was a bumbling fool who outdid any president in the "gaff" dept.


  6. Anonymous1:59 AM

    Yes, someone more august — such as Ms. Coulter should better exemplify proper etiquette.

    She's so cool, calm and collected. And so, so GOP.

    You pick on Obama relentlessly. I like him.

    He's cogent. Doesn't mistake every time he opens his mouth. The Idiot from Dallas did a lot of damage.



  7. Garth, what Coulter MIGHT have done doesn't excuse what BO in fact did do--or didn't do in this case. Imaginary GOP sins do not forgive real BO goofs.

    If you think BO doesn't make mistakes, you need to go to www.hotair.com and read their "Obamateurism of the Week." Good stuff. The shine is quickly wearing off the Won.

  8. Again, "Mary," how does the fact that Bush made mistakes lead us to ignore BO's? I do not understand this logic. Both of them committed mistakes. The difference is that the media rode Bush like a cheap mule every single time he stumbled on a syllable. BO could prance naked with a dead goose on his head in front of Congress and the media would dub it brilliant.

  9. Oh, and to "Garth" and "Mary" (winkwink)--

    If you don't like the BO "bashing," don't read it. This is America and (for now at least) we still enjoy freedom of speech.

  10. Anonymous10:36 PM

    Well, move to Italy and bask in the sun and then you won't be bothered by the ONE.

    He's cool. YOU are NOT>

    And I might read what I want UNLESS this is the Gestapo. : ))))))

  11. Anon.,

    An answer worthy of Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter! Don't like America, move to Russia! Congrats.

    As long as I am an American citizen, B.O. is mine to worry about...at least until Jan 20, 2013.

  12. Anonymous8:06 PM

    Oh, no, he's a two-termer.