02 July 2009

My prayer book's Table of Contents (Updated)

My prayer book is headed to the printers!

Introduction: A Theology of Prayer

Part One: The Novenas

Credo Novena

Novena for Faith

Novena for Hope

Novena for Love

Novena on the Lord’s Prayer

Psalm Novena for Growth in Holiness

Novena of the Four Dominican Pillars

Novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Novena for Detachment and Holy Obedience

Novena for Discernment of a Priestly Vocation

Part Two: The Litanies

Litany of God the Father

Litany of Jesus, Priest and Sacrifice

Litany of the Most Holy Trinity

Litany to the Infant Jesus

Litany to Mary, Co-Redemptrix

Litany to the Unsayable God

Part Three: The Way-Truth-Life Rosary

Part Four: Prayers

Prayer for an Examination of Conscience

The ABC Prayer for Conversion

Prayer Before Reconciliation

Prayer After Reconciliation

For a Dark Night of the Soul

Daily Morning Prayer

Daily Evening Prayer

*Vol. 2 will contain the more "mystical" prayers, including three novenas: via Positiva, via Negativa, and via Sophia. Also, this volume will contain the Litany to Mary, Co-redemptrix.


  1. Sounds great Father. I am looking forward to it.
    God bless.

  2. great, what a teaser

  3. Anonymous4:58 PM

    Nice table, Father! I am really looking forward to seeing your book. It is really too bad that I can't have you sign it when it finally comes out.

    I want to say that the Novenas to the Sacred Heart and for Detachment and Obedience sound most interesting, following closely with the litany to Mary and to Jesus, Priest and Sacrifice. These are most interesting to me, of course; but I have a feeling that you would point to some others as being more healthy for me. :P

    But your Litany against the Enemies of the Cross of Christ didn't make it in this volume? Too bad; maybe the next.

    Can't wait for the book to come out!

  4. Jimmy, I can't believe you remembered that. I had to look it up.


  5. oh and I like the footprints! very nice

    say, I have a question for you. I'm working fri, sat and sun nights...makes Mass attendance just about impossible, any suggestions?

  6. Anonymous8:47 PM

    What was the inspiration behind the prayer For a Dark Night of the Soul? St. John of the Cross?
    Ok. I want the book.

  7. Opey, just the title...the rest of the prayer is inspired by several of my own "dark night prayers."

  8. Mom, no Church in town offering Mass during the day?