07 June 2009

Coffee Bowl Browsing time!

Sad but necessary: Australia's adolescent attention-seeking Fr. Hollywood suspended

Don't mess with R.N.'s (Real Nuns)!

HA! And the Catholic Lite Left accuses us of "keeping God in a box"

Lefty media meltdown. . .couldn't happen to a better bunch

Newsweek editor deifies Obama
. . .but the MSM has no idea why it is dying. Duh.

Good analysis of last week's center-right victories in E.U. elections

Sticking it to the ACLU's soft-fascism

The inevitable and entirely predictable slippery-slope of same-sex "marriage"

For the grammatically challenged!

Podcasting the Church's saints

What's the Church teaching on the theory of evolution? You might be surprised!

Can we ever say that a particular war is just?

Har-har. . .B.O. meets the Saudi King (a cartoon)

Lots of excellent articles on Catholic theology and science

American postmodern malaise: wanting, getting, and still having nothing

How dead philosophers died (warning: a philosopher attempts humor. . .OY!)

I have met many priests of Dudeism. . .some of them claim to be Catholic priests!

Albert Einstein's "Credo"

I believe that people who talk during movies should be summarily executed.

Answers to all those questions that nag you at 3am

Platonic kiss? Other kinds of philosophical kisses (NB. his definition of an Aristotelian kiss is flat wrong)

"Shut up, brain, or I'll stab you with a Q-tip!" The wisdom of Homer Simpson

Her Majesty and B.O.'s iPod
(B.O. gave the Queen of England an iPod a few months ago)

David Mamet (playwright), "Why I am no longer a 'brain dead liberal" (language warning)


  1. Father, did you have to link to The Sun? (The frog worshipped as a God story). It is the worst kind of tabloid garbage, and is perhaps most famous for its "Page 3 Girls" - basically a half-page colour picture of an all-but-naked woman on (you guessed it) page 3. There are other links to that particular story.

  2. in a theater, no, talking is not allowed, but at home watching yet another of Subvet's "cult classics" sometimes a well timed comment or 20 is the only way to make it through movies such as "Five Fingers of Death". If you don't believe me WATCH IT and try not to talk!!

  3. Mom, I don't watch movies with other people. They are usually tempted to talk. And even that annoys me. I always see movies in the theater at the earliest possible time on a weekday if possible. I don't even watch TV with other people. I lived with a friar once who would start talking about priory business in the middle of a show. I would just stare at him 'til he stopped.

    I'm obsessive like this b/c I have a very difficult time paying attention and any little thing will distract me. Monkey Mind, it's called.

  4. Anonymous10:13 AM

    I must say that I often have the impression that any number of priests of my acquaintance from Father John Bathersby's generation give the impression that they believe the Church is "a corrupt, irrelevant and ruthless institution." It also seems possible that annoyed sufficiently, they too could blow a gasket and become the next Luther (probably without the followers since that ilk of Catholic is getting older and older and less likely to issue forth frequently from the convent informary). I suggest dealing with them firmly at every insult, disobedient comment or erroenous attitude they express toward the Church and report them, every time.

  5. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Correction of the previous statement: the priest in question is Father Peter Kennedy, not Father John Bathersby. That is the name of His Grace, the Most Reverend Archbishop of Brisbane, who did his job and (finally) corrected Father Kennedy.