03 May 2009

Vote for Me!

Bring Hope and Change to sinners!

Vote for HancAquam in The Crescat's 2009 Blog Awards!

HancAquam has been nominated in the following categories:

Best Blog By a Religious Who Is Not Fr. Z.
Best Political Blog (not the American Papist)

Best Church Militant Blog

HancAquam promises not to raise your taxes. . .
Not to torture anyone. . .well, maybe the occasional Moonbat. . .
Not to disclose national secrets to terrorists. . .
Not to nominate pro-abortionists to the judiciary. . .
And not to drool on its followers!*

A book on every shelf. . .a Coffee Bowl in every pantry!

*Campaign promises are subject to revision once HancAquam actually reads the memos and knows what it is talking about.


  1. your campaign slogan is top notch!!!!!!!

  2. For whatever it's worth, I have cast a vote for you! Good luck!!

  3. I noticed you didn't promise to lower our taxes. But I'm going to vote for you anyway.