28 May 2009

Friday's Coffee Bowl Browsing!

Why do we continue to pathologize the Human Condition?

I'm sad that he is leaving, but at least he's not hanging around whining about celibacy

Roman Catholic "priestess"/reporter dragged kicking and screaming from Barry's sacred view

Supreme Court nominee's life story is not all that compelling. . .he's conservative, after all

Catholic colleges and universities that honored pro-aborts

Ah, the smell of regret in the morning! Kool-aid drinker wakes up. . .too late.

I'm gonna get in trouble for this one: maybe, just maybe this isn't such a bad idea? (ducks)

Cleaning the ecclesial house in Africa: Vatican removes morally lax archbishop

I need one of these for those folks who don't leave their cell phones in the car at Mass!

Fascinating list of people who were killed by their inventions

Rx drugs in our drinking water. . .hey, that stuff doesn't show up in good bourbons

At this point in the flight I would need to be restrained

Elvis leaps babies in a single bound! (Don't try this at home)

Lots more quotes about religion. . .quotes about feminism (most of which are true)

What is space? Are we free? Does God exist? Are numbers real? Ask a philosopher!

Movies reviews from a Catholic perspective

In case of veliocraptor attack. . .vital info here

Your presence reminds one of a blind jackal, eternally dependent upon misguided archbishops to provide instruction in bowling.

Recession/Obama timeline. . .scary.


  1. I agree with the link you're worried about getting in trouble over. Change the name of the license needed and we are no longer fighting over the conotation of word. The act of getting married occurs in a church, not at the county clerk's office.

  2. Cleaning the ecclesiastical house in Africa ... good, but I wish Rome would clean more of it here in America ...

  3. Father Cutie's decision was intellectually and spiritually dishonest. So, the catholic church doesn't give me what i want, then I will go wherever I find people who accepts what I want? "I will find me a church who will let me do what I want"
    That indicates to me that he never really believed that the catholic church is the actual one holy universal and apostolic church founded by Christ and neither in "extra ecclessia, nulla salus"

    What is next for him? greek orthodox?

  4. need a refill on your bowl???