14 December 2008

Heresy and Mass Intentions

Aight! I feel bad for all those who answered the heresy question correctly but didn't have the advantage of the good time zone. . .the perils of living at GMT +1 with an audience at GMT -6.

So, if you correctly guessed the Name That Heresy question, send me your intention, and I will offer that intention at Mass over the next few weeks.

Please note: my family, friends, book benefactors, men and women seeking vocations all get lifted up every Mass. . .I tend to storm the gates of heaven when I say Mass and receive communion!

Send away. . .I will keep track. If you don't want me to publish your intention, say so.


  1. On the subject of heresy and Mass intentions...

    What do you do, as lector, when the list of things you have to pray for includes "the successful IVF treatment of John & Jane"?

    I was tempted to add "and that the several children that will probably result from the treatment may not be ripped apart in scientific experiments" but I don't know whether the Liturgy Committee would agree.

  2. Please pray for the conversion of my brother, Jonathan, who stopped believing in God several years ago.

  3. Can you say a mass for my father who has Multiple Sclerosis?

  4. Venite,

    I need a little more detail...someone put that intention in the prayers of the people and wanted you to read it out at Mass?

  5. If you would offer a Mass for my vocation and my discernment, I would be grateful.

  6. how long a list will you accept?

  7. Mom,

    Let's just say, "For the intentions of the X family"...

  8. oh well, I didn't win anyway, I was just wondering.

  9. and WHAT is that carved around the outside of the cross in your header photo? it looks disturbing.

  10. MightyMom: It looks like celtic art to me. Now what they are depicting, I'm not sure, but the strange positions, proportions and twists are typical of what you would find in something like the Book of Kells.

    If we send you something from your wish list, does that count as a stipend?

  11. Baron,

    I'm not sure...but I have a house full of canon lawyers I can ask!

  12. Fr.,
    Please consider a Mass intention for vocations in general and Dominican vocations specifically.
    Peace be with you always,

  13. Please remember my family in your Masses -- for healing of emotional and spiritual illnesses.

    God bless

  14. Dunno if I count as a winner as I only guessed the symptoms of the disease and its treatment, but not its proper name (though after I saw "Pelagianism" I did say "oooh yeah... duh...")...

    But if you're feeling generous with Mass intentions, I'd selfishly ask that you remember my vocation and discernment as well.

    Who knows, as a result God may give me the Grace to apply for the priesthood, and then I could take a Church History class in seminary and be prepped for the next round of "Name that Heresy"

    (PS I do hope there are more rounds!)

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  16. I like Rich's idea here......

    "But if you're feeling generous with Mass intentions, I'd selfishly ask that you remember ...."

    my selfish request would be to have my children remembered at Mass, Joseph, Isaac, and Lillie. We hope and pray daily that they may grow out of enough of their special needs to be able to live independent lives, as opposed to having to live in a group home.

  17. My dad is unemployed right now, and I can definitely use the prayers. I need to email you, too.


  18. The Shepherd7:54 PM

    The not Bishop here, please remember my family in your mass intentions.