11 November 2008

Southern Province Vocations Video

The new vocations video from my province, the Province of St Martin de Porres, USA. . .

You can contact our vocations promoter, Fr. Charlie Latour, OP here.

Also check out the new Dominican blog created by fra. Thomas, OP at Aquinas Institute: always distinguish(ed).


  1. Anonymous4:38 PM


    Nice video. I recognized some old familiar faces in it. The part of the video with Fr. Phillip Lamberty was very touching...he was a good man.


  2. oh, didn't realize this was new....I've actually seen it. Great video.

    it thier website back up and running again? it was down for awhile there.

  3. Great video! And nice to see some of my old classmates! We really missed the presence of the Southern brothers after you all left Aquinas.