26 October 2008

Abortion alternatives

I'm sick of hearing that Catholics only care about babies in the womb. . .

Here are some Catholic funded alternatives to abortion:

Real Alternatives



Pregnancy Support (Canada)

These links took me all of ten minutes to find and list, so please don't tell me that the Church supports pregnant women but not mothers.

You are lying. Plain and simple.

UPDATE: and how did I forget The Nurturing Network (link fixed)!? N.N. is assisted by my former student and mother of five, Jana Holmes. Five? Is it five now, Jana? ;-)


  1. Hey, don't forget about The Nurturing Network!!


    Because advocating for college and professional women, making sure they get counseling, legal help, supportive health care providers, etc is TOTALLY not caring about the mother. That's why they arrange school transfers for the women whose faculty advisors become "too busy" to work with a pregnant student, and why they find jobs that make sense with someone's job skills when a woman is being harassed at work for continuing her pregnancy. It's because they want to punish women....


  2. We have a home for young mothers, to learns not only working skills but also parenting skills, the moms even get the same encouragement to breastfeed their babies to bond with them.

    Many fathers are somewhat in the picture at birth, the church encourages them to support mothers also. It's called 'matrimony', which mean the act (mony) of become of mother (matri). Really interesting understanding the etymology of the word. Husbands, the man who actually help you get pregnant in the first place, are really nice things to have hang after a woman gets pregnant and then births a child.

  3. HAHAHA! Alas, you've found me monentarily caught between pregnancies. Seriously, Fr. Philip, 4.0 is only 2 months old. I know it seems longer than that because the kid is about 17 lbs and is prodigiously intelligent as all of his siblings were before him, but even I need a break sometimes.

    Right now your goddaughter is keeping me on my toes with her Celtic banshee wail when I try to keep my coffee away from her. So, give me a little more time. Then I'll be printing up my bumper stickers "I'm Catholic, and I breed."

  4. Birthright is a GREAT example of a group that works with women from the first time they're afraid they MIGHT be pregnant until...well, until some of them volunteer for Birthright themselves. BUT - about the Catholicity of Birthright:

    1. I love Birthright - I worked for the international 800-number for 5 years. Email if you need references.

    2. Birthright was founded by a Catholic (Louise Summerhill - talk about a Cause waiting to be put forward!) and is supported by many Catholics and even by donations from the occasional parish. Far TOO occasional.

    3. *However* - Birthright is one of the very few really and officially non-religious crisis pregnancy support services. No Birthright should ever proselytize or pray with a woman unless she asks (or several other things, like show a picture of an aborted baby). In fact, one of my favorite articles ever in the international newsletter was from a Wiccan, who found out that Birthright was the only pro-life group willing to accept her support. Most of them were too "Christian" to let her help.

    On the Hotline (800-550-4900), based in Atlanta, I worked with Christians from many groups, Jews, and atheists who just plain agreed that the right of every woman was to give birth and the right of every child was to be born. That's almost all we asked our volunteers.

    If that works for you, call now! There are needs you can meet! Louise Summerhill used to point out that Birthright was there before abortion was legal, and that we would be there when and if it ever became illegal again, because there would always be who needed us.

  5. Not only support for pregnant women, but also for those victims of abortion who can still receive support: mothers and fathers afflicted with regret. Rachel's Vineyard is another important ministry that offers healing. http://www.rachelsvineyard.org/ It, too, was easy to find in under a minute on Google.

    Thank you, Father, for your excellent blog; you're in my daily prayer intentions.

    Semper Fidelis

  6. And, here's one of the 546 reason I'm converting to Catholicism: (please, spare me the "we're the one true faith" for a min) not only does the Catholic church actually help the pregnant women who seek help and set up/support the adoptions for those who desire it.


    The Catholic Church is the ONLY one that I've found (and I've searched) who has a ministry --Rachel Project-- reaching out to the women who've had abortions so that they may find healing.

  7. Would Project Gabriel count?