05 May 2008

R. I. P.

The Southern Dominican Province has lost two wonderful brothers in just four days. Fr. Albert died May 1st and Fr. Boley died today. I knew these men while serving as a deacon at Holy Rosary Parish in Houston, TX. Fr. Albert, a pioneer in Catholic bio-medical ethics, was always stretching my mind by challenging my assumptions. Fr. Boley, a pioneer in the art of the Really Bad Pun, was always stretching my funny-bone with his outrageous jokes. I am truly saddened to see these men gone from us! Please pray for them. . .

Fr. Albert Moraczewski, OP

Fr. William "Boley" Brenda, OP


  1. I'll never forget a Latin mass celebrated by Fr. Brenda ... he pronounced the Latin with a John Wayne accent ... "Dominus vobiscum, pilgrim."

  2. Fr. Albert spoke at my Bible Study on the Bioethics of abortion.

    Fr. Brenda was my confessor and his death caught me by surprise when I found out early this morning (Monday).

    May they rest in peace.

  3. my husband and I took three of
    our young grandchildren to visit
    Fr. Brenda in the hospital the
    afternoon before his death. He was incoherent but really tried
    to make us understand his thoughts.
    However, he turned to the boys and
    very clearly said in a very strong, Fr. Brenda-voice, "be good!" I told the boys to hold his
    hand because his hands were very holy.
    We miss him so much,
    Laurel and Gene Arnold