05 December 2007

Music List...

NO! I haven't forgotten about my poetry reading or writing. . .with all that's been going on--Rome plans, classes, sinus infection, ad. nau.--I've been a bit distracted.

Not only have I updated the POETRY wishes, I've added MUSIC wishes as well!

Sad but true story: I had about 300 classical/alternative/world music CD's before I joined the Order. Two days before I got on a plane to fly to the novitiate, I gave all but about ten of them away. I gave away a lot of stuff, including books (YIKES!).

Sooooo, Music: less important globally than philosophy books for my immediate future, yes. However, somewhat important for my Local sanity and artistic growth.

God bless, Fr. Philip, OP

1 comment:

  1. Music is so important..don't think you'd like my tastes though!