30 September 2007

Oh, the possibilities!

Please continue to pray for my discernment!

As some of you here in Irving know, I have been in conversation with several different people about the possibilities for my ministry in the next few years. Some of these possibilities include teaching at U.D. full-time, advanced studies in philosophical theology in Europe, and a few others that remain sub stola.

As of yesterday morning, the list of possibilities has been narrowed considerably. Though I've received no final word, it is almost certain that my first choice for ministry has been eliminated.

My second choice is going to be a HUGE challenge. . .. . .

And my third choice (sssshhhhhhh. . .) is still brewing in prayer. . .

I will flesh these out for you more later--when I know for certain that this or that possibility has been eliminated.

In other news: any bishops out there looking for an orthodox Dominican friar to run your diocesan religious ed program, or any university/college department chairs who might need an experienced classroom teacher. . .I know a guy who knows a guy who can hook you up with a well-educated O.P. who would run a tight yet creative ship for you! Drop me a combox note and I'll pass it along to this friar's superiors.

Pray hard, Fr. Philip, OP


  1. Ever think of Oklahoma City? This city is awesome, though it isn't exactly Dallas...

    Louisville's about to undergo a big upheaval too (heterodox R.E. folks, incoming orthodox archbishop - need I say more?) and would be ripe with opportunity as well.

  2. Paul,

    I'm sorry to hear that Louisville's RE program is known for its heterodoxy...are you sure about this? The archbishop there is a Dominican!

    Well, send the new bishop my blogsite address... ;-)

    Fr. Philip, OP

  3. It ain't Texas, but the Diocese of Orlando is looking for a new diocesan Director of Adult Faith Formation. (I am employed at the cathedral of a neighboring diocese). Bishop Wenski has only been there a few years. He is solid fellow and has made a number of changes in the chancery. I think this might be a new position.