12 September 2007

Learning the Extraordinary Form

As always, Fr. Z. brings us the Good News:

Priest Training Latin Mass [sic] Workshops Announced

Bellevue, WA, Sept. 11, 2007 – The Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, in collaboration with Una Voce America, in response to overwhelming popular demand is happy the announce two additional workshops for training priests in the "Extraordinary Form" of the Roman Rite, to be conducted at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary during the Fall Semester of 2007. The first workshop will take place from Friday, October 5th through Tuesday, October 9th. The second will take place from Friday, November 2nd through Tuesday, November 6th. Available placements are limited so priests are urged to contact the seminary at their earliest convenience. The cost for each of these five day workshops is $300.00. All the fundamentals involved in learning the Traditional Latin Mass will be covered. Priests will receive a complete explanation with hands-on practice of the rubrics of the 1962 Missale Romanum as well as an introduction to Latin, traditional liturgical principles, and Sung Mass. A comprehensive materials packet will be provided including translations of the rubrics, audio CD’s with the recited texts of Low Mass and Celebrant’s chant for Sung Mass, and a demonstration DVD with examples of both Low and Solemn Mass.

To receive more information or to make a reservation, interested priests should contact:

Fr. Goodwin at (402) 797-7700 or email: seminary@fsspolgs.org

or write to: Attn: Mass Workshops, O.L.G. Seminary, P.O. Box 147, Denton, NE. 68339.

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No doubt individual priests and the good men of the FSSP could use some monetary assistance in pulling off this tremendous work. Please consider contacting Fr. Goodwin and offering to establish scholarships for needy priests wishing to learn the E.F. I'm sure he would be grateful for any donations made to the seminary as well. I met some of the FSSP seminarians on my summer trip to Serra Club convention in Atlanta, GA. Just solid young men! I had to resist the temptation, however, to check their I.D.'s. . .they are were all about 14 yrs old! :-)


  1. We have an FSSP priest at Holy Rosary (www.holyrosaryindy.org! They are great. The one we have now is the second one assigned and we have had others come and fill-in for vactions! They are very wonderful priests!

  2. Have you reserved some of these resources for your own use, Father? *wink* No, really. I'm serious; you should.