19 September 2007

Dominican Rite

Dominican Rite celebrated in the chapel of the Angelicum(?)

I've had a few emails asking about the Dominican Rite of the Mass. . .I know almost nothing about this rite. However, in a series titled, History of the Dominican liturgy, Fr. Augustine Thompson, OP gives us a great summary of the rite.

Check it out!


  1. Does anyone see any interest among the friars (especially the younger ones or the very older ones) of reviving the use of the Dominican Rite from time to time, especially in the houses of study, to respond to the Holy Father's message in Summorum Pontificum? I think it would be of great value to expose the novices and students to this form of the Mass on occasion in order to unite them to the Order's heritage.

  2. Yes - that is the Dominican Rite Mass celebrated in the ancient church of Sts. Dominic & Sixtus, attached to the Angelicum. More photos and information on this regularly offered Mass in that church (at least it was offered weekly when I was there in 05-06) can be found here, courtesy of John Paul Sonnen.

  3. MGibson,

    Are you sure about this being the church and not the priory chapel? I've been in both and I could swear that this is the priory chapel...


    Most of the younger friars these days are very interested in reviving Dominican traditions junked in the 60's and 70's. As far as I know, all one needs to celebrate the OP Rite is the permission of the provinical. I know that a couple of places in the western province celebrate this rite on a regular basis. The problem is finding friars still alive who know the rite. Of course, we still have the OP books...in Latin...and some in our leadership are--shall we say?--"dragging their feet" about requiring Latin in the studium. The whole Order is moving toward mandating Latin again. Of course, a number of provinces do require Latin as a matter of formation.

    Fr. Philip, OP

  4. Anonymous3:45 PM

    i have it on good authority there is a video tape of the Dominican Rite in the library of the Eastern province novitate...the new class (15) begged to watch it for recreation on one of their first nights at the priory...one reportedly said, "isn't it great that we got rid of all this beauty and majesty" patience, patience.

  5. Faith8:52 AM

    Well! He's not going to last in that particular DHS.
    And I praise God for the 15 novices.

  6. I think that this photo is the extern side of the Church of Sts. Dominic & Sixtus at the Angelicum. The Priory Chapel, the former choir of the Dominican Nuns that used to occupy the Angelicum, is located immediately behind th extern chapel's High Altar. The choir's walls are much simpler. Indeed, they are unadorned as would be appropriate for a monastic community.

  7. Mary S5:41 PM

    Doug, I met some of the novices at Fr. Philip's priory :) and when I asked them "So, how 'bout that Motu Proprio?... and the Dominican Rite?" they said "no one is interested in that... except us."

    As a possible future Dominican nun or sister I would like to state that I am also interested in the restoration of the Dominican rite :) Unfortunately they didn't have it at the Angelicum when I was at Rome.

  8. Anonymous4:37 AM

    faith, he was being sarcastic!!