24 September 2007

Addition to the Hanc Aquam!

Please note the addition of the Pod-O-Matic Podcast Player to the left-hand side bar.

This is a much easier way of hearing my homilies on podcast than clicking on a link or going to the Pod-O-Matic site.

Also, you can enter your email address on the Player and receive notice that I have added a new homily!

Don't forget to stop by the buy POETRY for Fr. Philip Wish List or the buy PHILOSOPHY & THEOLOGY for Fr. Philip Wish List. There are lots of lonely books there just waiting for an eager Dominican friar to read them!


  1. cool move Cha ;)

  2. Martin Martinez11:20 AM

    Hi Fr. Philip I met you when I was campus minister at San Antonio College. Happy to have found you! God bless

  3. Hi Martin,

    I remember! How are you?