22 April 2007

On Neckties and a Vocation to Preaching

My Dominican brother and friend, fra. Bruno Clifton, OP of Blackfriars, Oxford has posted an excellent article on his vocation to the Order of Preachers. Check it out! And spend a bit of time browsing the other excellent reflections on the site. These English Dominicans are a thoughtful bunch. Good singers too.

The English Dominican Studentate website can be found at GODZDOGS. Tell them Philip Neri, OP sent you!

NB. They have to buy me a pint for every hit they get from this site! (They don't know this yet, of course...so, sssshhhhhhh...)


  1. A pint is a fair trade for one of your great burgers... or just to entice you back to merrie old England. Happy St George's day!

  2. Brother,

    I'll fix a hamburger for you anytime you want one! Maybe in August?

    Fr. Philip, OP