12 April 2007

Buy Me a Book! (please....)

I've updated the Mendicant Friar's Amazon.Com Wish List again!

The more I read the more I find connections that need exploring and more connections means more books and more books means. . .what?. . .MORE BOOKSHELVES!!!

So, help a friar out and send a book my way.

Come on! I'm beggin' here!


  1. Father, I like the new look. but don't you think it will look even better with MonialesOP linked in the sidebar! You wouldn't want to forget your Sisters, would you!

    As for books, a Dominican can never have too many books! The important thing is to make friends with the librarian so that you can influence her choices!

    Your OP Sisters in Summit

  2. Sisters,

    I could NEVER forget you! :-)

    You are now linked...

    Fr. Philip, OP

  3. Anonymous12:42 PM


    I'll buy you a book if my son decides to go to UD. I think it's the best school I ever visited (this is my fourth child to go to college). However, I'm leaving the decision up to him and he is definitely leaning toward Fordham. But I've prayed that the Lord moves him in the right direction. Perhaps you could offer a prayer up. By the way, I attended a Mass that you celebrated while I was at UD. I think it's a great place!


    Frank Gibbons
    Seekonk, MA

  4. Dear Mr. Gibbons,

    I certainly hope your son joins us in the fall! Not only for the book I'll receive but for his education as well. ;-) Now, Irving can't compete with NYC, but really now, who wants to study with Jesuits? LOL. Thanks for stopping by.

    I'll keep you all in prayer...

    Fr. Philip, OP