14 November 2006

The Spiritual Vision of Pope Benedict XVI

I rec'd a new book from Doubleday Books on the life and theology of the current holder of the Petrine Office, Let God's Light Shine Forth: Teh Spiritual Vision of Pope Benedict XVI. Robert Moynihan has edited together an excellent little book on what B16 thinks about the major themes of Christian life: the Trinity, Mary, Creation, Politics, bioethics, etc. and he includes the texts of the Holy Father's first Word, Message, and Homily as pope. The book contains generous quotes from the Holy Father's pre-papal days, including some provocative texts on the liturgy: "I am convinced that the ecclesial crisis in which we find ourselves today depends in great part upon the collapse of the liturgy, which at times is actually being conceived etsi Deus non daretur: as though in the liturgy it did not matter anymore whether God exists and whether He speaks to us and listens to us"(118). This book would make an excellent text for an adult formation class or a young adult introduction to the faith. Though some of the language is a bit technical, nothing is so complex or rarified that your faithful Catholic couldn't understand it. Check it out!

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