28 October 2006

Finally! A Solution to Abortion!, or Thanks again, Sisters

More moral clarity from the “Catholic” sisters of the National Coalition of American Nuns…please compare:

We encourage respect for the moral adulthood of women and will choose legislators who will recognize the right of women to make reproductive decisions and receive medical treatment according to the rights of privacy and conscience.


We believe all children should be safe from sexual predators in their homes, schools, churches, in government offices and on the Internet[…]

Here’s the solution to all our abortion problems! The Pro-Life movement needs to re-classify “Mothers” as “Primary Sexual Predators” and then the NCAN will write a stinging manifesto calling on Congress and the United Nations to pass laws to protect unborn children against the Primary Sexual Predator who dares to hire Secondary Sexual Predators to shoot them full of saline and then suck them piece by piece out of their Primary Sexual Predator’s womb. This is genuis! Thanks again, Sisters!


  1. Anonymous1:05 PM

    So what does one do with the "Culture of Death" Catholic political candidates and their Catholic supporters who are emboden by religious supporting their views? Our parish allows one such candidate to serve as a Eucharistic Minister. The division in the parish is almost palpable.

  2. Anon,

    I would follow Jesus' admonitions in Matthew 18. It is best to avoid the typical "American habits" of protests: petitions, pickets, etc. These are uncharitable and scandalous. Does your pastor know about this division?

    Fr. Philip